Neil Wilson driveshaft seal removal tool

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Neil Wilson driveshaft seal removal tool

Post by Stakebed » October 25th, 2013, 9:02 pm

Thought i would let you know Neils seal remover tool made from a pipe reducer is very very versatile. It works beautifully removing the bearing race and seal in the torque tube, both rear axle seals with some careful jabs, and removes the dual high seal and race in the trans side of it.
Neils Tool:ImageRoller Bearing Sleeve Remover 1b by Bob Bobbington, on Flickr
(Thanks Neil!)

I made mine on a lathe out of a reducing coupling but it certainly does not affect the functionality of the tool how you make it, i simply had easy access to one. I should also note that Neil and I must have used 2 different brands of couplings as i tried a 1 1/4" first but would have lathed down into the valleys of the threads to make that 1.72" diameter. I used a 1" (started at 1.77" diameter) to 3/4" adapter and works just as good so just a heads up.
ImageDSC02619 by Bob Bobbington, on Flickr
ImageDSC02618 by Bob Bobbington, on Flickr

ImageDSC02615 by Bob Bobbington, on Flickr
it will get the axle seals out but ya gotta go in at an angle and jab around the edges. it will eventually knock it out. (think of prying open a paint can, just work your way around - may have to make 2 circles of jabbing but it should come out.

ImageDSC02616 by Bob Bobbington, on Flickr
The tool is just a tad bigger than the axle shaft so it can slip thru the center hence jabbing at the seal at an angle.

I didnt get a pic of the dual high but go in from the trans u joint side of the housing and jab it out into the housing - i think the seal and bearings on the ends of the dual high shafts are identical to the drive shaft torque tube bearing but dont quote me on that...
So what you end up with are a few gooey doughnut things on your garage floor because you didnt think anymore grease could be trapped in there...
ImageDSC02620 by Bob Bobbington, on Flickr

bud valerius
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Re: Neil Wilson driveshaft seal removal tool

Post by bud valerius » July 17th, 2017, 5:13 am

I used a piece of PVC pipe when I removed one

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