1930 AA Appraiser

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John Losch
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1930 AA Appraiser

Post by John Losch » January 15th, 2015, 3:54 pm


To all:

On July 9 2014 my recently and fully restored AA stake body truck was involved in a collision when a driver in the opposite lane broke into my lane and accelerated into my truck head on. The car following me rear-ended me at the same time. The truck, my grandson, and I all sustained serious damage or injuries. Grandson and I are doing well now although neither fully recovered. The truck has had no work done to restore it at this time, but several who would know agree that it is restorable. I wrote about the accident in detail on the "AA Clubhouse page" in September 2014, under the heading "A Sad Story." That message is still up.

At this point I need an appraiser qualified to assess what the truck was worth before the collision. I have had two referrals but nothing has materialized. In both cases I have had no response to attempted contact. Consequently I need the name of someone within reasonable distance of my home in Holliston, MA, (in the area of Framingham and Milford, MA) who can give me the information needed to negotiate a claim with the responsible insurance company.

I am no longer able to do any extensive work on the truck so I expect to contract the restoration. I have people able to do the work, and I will have quotes for the required work shortly.

I would be grateful for any recommendations for an appraiser as well as any advice on negotiating restoration on a piece like my AA. It's going to take some effort, but my AA will rise again.

Regards, John Losch

P.S. I have numerous good pictures, but I have to figure out how to attach them. Also, I can be reached at: Johnlosch32@gmail.com

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Re: 1930 AA Appraiser

Post by SHELBY MESSER » January 16th, 2015, 6:29 am

John , very few people has had this problem. But contact your insurance company, may be they can tell you or contact MODEL A clubs in your location or area. I'm sure you would get help there. If not go on live and look for antique auto insurance company. Hope this may help for I'm in Louisiana and not much help :wink: Glad you and your grandson are doing better!!! Shelby, Louisiana.

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Re: 1930 AA Appraiser

Post by DAN CHALMERS » February 4th, 2015, 11:26 am

Hello John, sorry to hear of your misfortune and glad to hear of good recoveries. Just ran across your appraiser request so my 2 cents is probably to late. I have had some dealings with TAM'S there in West Boylston, Mass and I have gut feeling from my experience that Joe has a great reputation and his engine rebuild man has also a great reputation, from Mendon, Mass.I have found both to be very willing and helpful. I'm betting an insurance company would find it hard to dispute their word. Good luck, as always with dealing with insurance problems. Dan C.

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