76-A Open Cab - rear body bolt hole?

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76-A Open Cab - rear body bolt hole?

Post by Neil Wilson » June 14th, 2018, 2:10 pm

Anyone on this forum have an AA with an Open Cab?

I am looking for information as to where the rear body bolt hole is located for Open Cab bodies installed on the AA Chassis?

For the Open Cab in an A chassis the RGJS shows that the rear body bolt hole is the #5 location (page 4-18 drawing). The Closed Cab rear body bolt hole is location 6 for the same drawing. Location 5 is about 7" forward of the location 6.

The AA chassis has a body bolt hole located about where the A chassis location 6 hole is (distance from the front). There is no hole about 7" forward from this hole. Consequently, both the Open and Closed Cabs must use this frame hole for the rear body bolt. If that is true, then there must be two rear body bolt hole locations (one for the A chassis and one for the AA chassis).
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