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AA Trivia

Post by Neil Wilson » November 16th, 2018, 3:08 pm

According to the Ford Motor Company's "Assembly Record Types" ledgers, some of the US AA statistics are:
AA production was 12/27 through 12/32. All but the 315-A Standrive ended production by 6/23.
There were 44 production AA body types. 12 closed-bodies and 32 open-cargo-bodies (all were made by various suppliers to Ford).
There were 177,971 production AA body types produced.
There were 272,024 chassis and chassis-with-cabs assembled for Independent Body Suppliers (this was 60% of all chassis assembled).
There were 5 cabs used with the 32 open-cargo-bodies to assembly complete truck. Cabs were used on both A and AA chassis.
Type 270-A Funeral Service had the lowest volume at 17; type 88-A platform had the highest volume at 107,023
It is interesting that there were more AA's assembled by Independent Body Suppliers than assembled by Ford.
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Re: AA Trivia

Post by KimVanOrder » November 16th, 2018, 4:02 pm

Good info... But which "auto show" was it first shown? And which style? ( Now this is truly useless trivia). :lol:
Dec. '28 AA

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Re: AA Trivia

Post by tiredtruckrestorer » November 18th, 2018, 6:37 pm

Just wanted to add some more information on the 1932 Ford built trucks. According to George DeAngelis and Edward
Francis book, The Early Ford V8, the Model "B" engine numbers started on November 29, 1931 with number 5,000,000. The 4-cylinder cars used a "AB" prefix to the number for cars and the trucks "ABB" (which I think is a misprint and should have been "AAB") Starting with engine serial number 5,062,387 the prefix for cars was changed to a "B" and for heavy trucks a "BB". This changeover in the prefix happened during March 1932.

Over the years I have seen 3 trucks with the "AAB" serial numbers and none with the "ABB" number as stated in the book. These trucks were all of the new "B" model styling and had very early 1932 features. The first one I found was a nice stake body that was for sale, but I was unaware of the unusual serial number. After researching the "AAB" number, I called back to the owner about the truck and it was sold. The second time I found a "AAB" it was only a chassis, cowl, and engine. Both the engine and chassis "AAB" numbers matched. Within the last year I found a complete '32 "AAB" express truck in fairly nice restorable condition that I added to my collection.

Just wanted to know if anybody else has ever found a "AAB" or even more so a "ABB"?


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