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82-A Closed Cab Floor Pan - Repo Problems

Posted: September 1st, 2019, 8:40 am
by Neil Wilson
FYI – Problems - 82-A Closed Cab reproduction pan front rivet holes and pan length problem.

This reproduction pan comes with rivet hole across the rear and front. It also has the two center body bolt holes and the dual high oil filler tube hole (this hole is plugged except when used with an AA having a dual high transmission).

The pan rivet holes across the rear all line up with the rear cross sill. The pan rivet holes across the front do not line up with the center cross sill. The pan length is 23-7/8”. The original pan is 24”. The body bolt holes needed to be elongated to the rear to align with the center cross sill body bolt holes.

The front edge of the pan is covered by the seat riser and therefore the incorrectly located holes are hidden.

I have been told that the 82-A Closed Cab floor pan is only reproduced by Howell’s Sheetmetal Co. and this is the source for vendors. If anyone know other shops reproducing this floor pan, please provide details.

I only checked two vendors for their part. I am sure other vendors also carry the reproduction pan.
1. Under Sear Panel 28-29 Closed Cab Pickup – A-835-A 28-29 – Snyder’s
2. A-55085 Pan Under Seat- 1928-1929 Closed Cab Pickup – Bert’s

Re: 82-A Closed Cab Floor Pan - Repo Problems

Posted: September 2nd, 2019, 11:55 am
by Chris Haynes
If Howell's made it you can be sure it isn't right.