Pinion Flange Seal (option)

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Pinion Flange Seal (option)

Post by vonheine » November 9th, 2019, 8:09 pm

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This is a photograph of a 1930 spiral bevel gear pinion shaft flange.This is the flange that the torque tube bolts up to. There is a face groove that originally had a cork gasket stuffed into the groove to control oil leaks.The flange on the torque tube is flat to crush the cork and seal off the oil. This cork seal is available from Mac's. However, if you prefer a modern style seal this is the information for the option.

Cape Way Bearing in Plymouth, MA provided me with a backer ring so that there would be enough crush. The backer ring is a HBU-246, and then an O-ring-246 to make the final seal. The O-ring seal is suitable for gear oil or any oil found in a AA Ford truck. They did not charge me for the two ring seals because I had other bearing business ongoing for AA trucks with them. (I cannot imagine that 1 backer ring and an O-ring is a huge cost) It is my preference to use a modern seal rather than a cork seal with a butt-joint. I want other AA truck restorers to be aware of the option.

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Re: Pinion Flange Seal (option)

Post by AAholic » November 10th, 2019, 7:32 pm

Thanks for posting this, i explored the possibility of replacing the cork seal with an o ring on my pinion but didn't have any luck finding one let alone the ring and sure enough it leaks, I'll be prepared the next time

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