Rear spring seat pin removal

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Rear spring seat pin removal

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I'm rebuilding the rear springs in my '31 AA. New bushings and pins all around. I have removed the tapered keeper pin AA-5798 and now want to remove the spring seat pin AA-5799. This is the pin that connects the upper spring seat to the leaf spring. Is this seat pin AA-5799 a tapered pin? With the pin going through the two ears of the upper spring seat, I can see potential for breaking one of these ears when pressing out the pin. At the first attempt, I heated the upper spring seat casting and pounded the pin from the end without the aligning groove. While I'm used to parts not moving the first time, this has me concerned of breaking the casting.

At this writing I'm letting the parts soak up penetrating oil. What are folks' experience with successful removal of this pin?
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Re: Rear spring seat pin removal

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Once tapered pin is out the main pin should drive out in theory. Trouble is they typically want to hang up on the wear grooves. If you can get it up against a solid backing and drive from thin side with brass drift. Careful not to distort pin and make it harder to get out.I pulled whole springs off.
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