WTB: 88-A Platform Bed Stakes

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WTB: 88-A Platform Bed Stakes

Post by dlevy »

Hi All,

I am putting the finishing touches on my truck and I looking for original 88-A platform bed stakes and the rack hardware.

Stakes: AA-88220
Stake Rack Connection hardware for sides: AA-88304 and AA-88305
Stake Rack Connection hardware for corners: AA-88308 and AA-88309

Does anyone have any for sale? The bed takes 16 stakes!

88-A Stakes.jpg
88-A Stake Rack Connection Hardware B.jpg
88-A Stake Rack Connection Hardware A.jpg
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Re: WTB: 88-A Platform Bed Stakes

Post by Stakebed »

Just a heads up - measure your stake pockets or if you have a good fitting stake because the pockets/stakes are narrower than "modern" stakes. So if you come across some loose ones at an auction or junkyard or someones garage - they may look identical to an AA stake but it will be wider. Im not sure when the width changed but from what ive figured out from junkyard wandering its sometime in the 50s..

I have an old business card or a piece of paper with a measurement and marks on it that i carry in my wallet so i can check the width easily. You come across them sometimes.

the rack connections aka hooks - depending how authentic you want your truck you can buy VERY similar looking ones today from modern truck and trailer supply houses - they havent changed much. Slap some square nuts on em and your good to fool about 99.9% of the people out there :P
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