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Hello Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who inquired, but the spot from the Southwest has been filled & I think I have also managed to take care of the glut of vehicles in the Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northern Illinois area successfully! Funny how things goes in cycles.

I may have a couple of "fill in" spots between now & Thanksgiving, but not sure yet. I guess it depends on how fast I can get this 6-7k mile trip done starting in a couple of days.

This is a good time for me to thank God for all that he has blessed me with when it comes to business. I get 5-6 calls, emails, P.Ms per day & obviously providing single car personalized service, I could never help all of them. I always feel bad since those folks felt good enough about me to trust me to transport their new babies. Trust me folks, I try my best to take care of as many as humanly possible. To the point that I don't get to work on mine or see my family very much. Just part of the business I guess. If I was NOT a car guy or did not have a home, big shop or acreage, it would not matter. Make no mistake though I will always treat folks with respect & try my best to squeeze you in between a couple of others if humanly possible!!

I would also like to take this time to thank ALL the folks who support me on all my forums I am so blessed to have you all as customers/friends & please believe this as gospel that if there was not so many of you, I would love to spend a few hours "chewing the rag" about cars with each & every one of you! I also appreciate all the emails, P.Ms & phone calls when the homeless guy with the terrible reputation goes off his meds & posts some of his lies about me. Thank you to the Mods who delete his garbage almost immediately. I try to take the high road (even though I am human) because I know the mods of the forums I am on do NOT like drama.

I am ALWAYS available to quote prices, give advise about different types of transports, recommend other transporters & tell you who to stay away from. As well as give advise on trailers & trucks, if you want to get a rig to do your own. I will ALWAYS do this while treating you with respect & never act like you are a bother!

ALL of the positive feedback/references posted about me are posted by the actual customers (probably over a thousand if you looked hard enough on dozens of forums & FaceBook Groups). Many I did not even know about until I get a call saying someone from such & such a forum recommended me! This is just another reason why I don't have my own website...There are so many out there that have NO credibility, because they do NOT allow the customers to post ACTUAL & TRUE feedback on the service provider & I NEVER want anyone to think I would EVER do anything like that.

I have well over 3.5 million accident-free transport miles over the last 36+ years. This equates to somewhere close to 2500 vehicles transported.

Please see this link for hundreds of all positive feedback/references posted by the actual customers who have used my service in the past. I do not post my own feedback. That would be Unethical!

If you are going to pay someone to transport your vehicle, you should be able to trust that person is a car guy that knows your vehicle & not someone whos' only experience in our hobby is reading about what the rest of us do with our cars!

Give me a call, email or P.M. for a cash on delivery price quote. I do not take deposits as I believe a mans word is his bond.

Thank You & God Bless
Bill Squires(owner)
Bill's Auto Works
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