Thread Bumping & Commerical Advertising

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Thread Bumping & Commerical Advertising

Post by mikeg »

I've keep the rules of conduct on the forum pretty minimal because I believe having many rules becomes a burden on the administration (yours truly) but on the flip side can leave much up to the individual member on what is considered appropriate.

I would ask that all members (with or without commercial interests) to NOT bump threads for the purpose of keeping their "topic" at the top of the thread list. This is particularly troublesome when there is a commercial interest in doing so. If I get multiple complaints of thread bumping I WILL delete the thread(s) in question.

This forum exists because I have an interest in AA Fords and have the means to provide a server and manage the software it runs on, that does not mean it doesn't cost me anything to provide this service. I've not accepted donations or advertising to help offset the costs of maintaining this particular forum, this may change, if this were to happen, then a policy will be put into place to address any "advertising" type posts, and/or the option to purchase banner space on the forum for the purpose of promoting services of interest to our membership.