Rear Fender filler panels above long splash aprons

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Rear Fender filler panels above long splash aprons

Post by rustya1928 » June 2nd, 2020, 6:39 pm

These are the panels that go above the splash aprons at the rear fenders. They are between the rear fenders and the bed . I have been told these are for a 28-29-30-? flat bed that is running rear fenders. They are taller than the ones use on the express. I have also been told they are becoming a rare item to find. These have been bead blasted and primed. They need some work but are complete. These tend to be missing on several of the AA trucks. I had to have a set made for my express, not a cheap item to have done.
Price is $200.00 for the pair plus shipping
Photo's upon request, please send e-mail to

Sold thanks

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