Cleaning out our stash

Here you can put your AA parts for sale, and wanted posts.
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Re: Cleaning out our stash

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We have a whole early 28 chassis we'd love to get rid of! In all seriousness, I think we may have a couple rear motor mounts. Aren't the front motor mounts the crossmember? I know we have some wire wheels, but shipping is a PITA.
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Re: Cleaning out our stash

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Hello Red,
THANKS for the fast reply. I have just bought a early 28 chassis which has a later engine. I did see it before I bought it, but can't remember all I need to make it correct. I should have spent more time looking at it and taking pictures. I will not go get it until I return from Hershey. When I get it I will contact you again with specifica of what I need. It should have the solid front motor mount, but as i remember it has been changed to the yoke type mount. Neil Wilson says you cannot convert the original mount due to its shape, so I think I may need one. I definately need the rear motor mounts, sepecially the early type which look like float-a-motor mounts. I also need the front shocks, arms, links, and link metal seal covers. Since the engine has been changed I would be interested in the early block or engine. If your chassis has the early engine and other parets I need I may be making a trip to CT.

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