In Search of 30-31 front brake operating pins

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In Search of 30-31 front brake operating pins

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I’m in need of a pair of serviceable 30/31 AA front brake operating pins. This is the rod that rises vertically from the brake operating wedge at the bottom of the backing plate and through the spindle to the brake actuating lever at the top of the backing plate. I tried to attach photos but get error my file is to large. My pin measures 8 7/8” in length. One end of the pin has a ball on it and the other end is rounded but has no ball. I note that Model A operating pins have a ball on both ends. I’m guessing my pin is badly worn and it does have a slight bend at the top which I don’t believe should be there either.
To start, can anyone please provide a photo of a good AA operating pin? Part # if possible.
Next, I’m looking for a source where to buy two good pins.
I can’t complete my front brake repair without these.
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Re: In Search of 30-31 front brake operating pins

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I working on an axle and the pins I have are 8 5/8".
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