New "Unregistered Users" please READ.

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New "Unregistered Users" please READ.

Post by mikeg »

To new members (or members to be) when you register to gain full access to the forums, please email me after you have completed the registration process. mikeg (at) rockisland (dot) com

There has been a rash of bogus signups over the last few months, so many in fact I've just been deleting the obviously invalid usernames. Though there have been one or two that were legit, those members did contact me wondering when their accounts would be activated and I was able to take care of them.

Unfortunately this particular Forum software doesn't permit more of a feedback format during the registration process, but those of you that do become members have most likely been following the forums for a while and will (again, hopefully) see this topic prior to registration.

I have considered migrating the forum to another software system (vbulletin) I run a very large Bag Piping forum on vBulletin and there are over 15,000 members on that system. I'm pretty familiar with both systems, but actually prefer vB over phpBB. In any case, that migration will be a ways off if it is done at all.
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