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Forum upgraded June 14, 2019

Post by mikeg »

Hello AA'rs

Tonight I upgraded the forum to the latest version. This was a particularly bumpy upgrade and the database backup I had created apparently was missing a few tables (argh!) so I couldn't roll back to the previous version like I have done in the past. It was either: roll back to last February, or hack away at the php files fixing the upgrade and getting things going again. I opted to slog through the mess and we are now running the latest version. It seems that every attempt I make at upgrading phpBB has one issue or another and I'm not inclined to put forth the effort every time a security or feature update is pushed out.

This latest go around has again got me thinking it is time to make the move from phpBB to vBulletin for this forum, this isn't exactly a straight forward effort (which is why I've resisted the migration) but after tonight I think it may finally be time to make this happen.

It is entirely likely you may run across broken stuff in the forum, if you do see an error please comment in this thread.