Replacement Parts Problems?

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Replacement Parts Problems?

Post by SHELBY MESSER » May 27th, 2011, 4:45 am

I hate using replacement parts because of the problems I have making them work. Yesterday I used an original A distributor housing and put a distributor rebuild kit in it from Mac's. There were 6 problems that I found in that one kit that should be addressed the the parts suppliers and maybe they can contact their manufactor to get this correct for everyone in the future. Usually in just the dist. In the last 50 yrs. I have only replaced the points and condenser, adding tape to the wire inside of the dist. I'm helping My cousin to get started in the "A Model World", Which he is all excited about. He retired from the Air force, and he is wanting to restore his dads "30 coupe which he knows nothing about. Any it is no way that he could have made the engine run by himself.

1- The dist. point block would not line the point contacts, so I used old original OK!
2- The dist. lower plate, When installed the lower contact at the condenser was too long and grounding to the dist. housing, won't fly. to correct this I bent the end just past the condenser screw, cleared, fly now!
3- The dist. lower pig tail wire is twice too long, Needs shorting!
4- No dist. shaft thrust washer in kit (at top of shaft)!
5- The dist. shaft sleeve washer was fabric instead of still!
6- The dist. body new flies well, dist. cap new won't fly, problem- rotor contact too long. 80 yr old cap flies well! New not always good!!

Head light socket assemble The insulators coming out of headlamp are in wrong possion making the wiring from the horness not to line up The socket on the new socket assy. is in the wrong possion , I used my old socket where it comes through the head light bucket and wiring conected right after 20 yrs. Hope this helps some one New A modelers would be lost with these problems!!! Later! Shelby, Louisiana.

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Re: Replacement Parts Problems?

Post by captain marty » May 27th, 2011, 7:55 pm

Sounds like you have had some problems with that truck, sorry to hear about that. Nothing like messing up a good time.

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