Should I sell

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Should I sell

Post by lowtide » October 13th, 2011, 1:50 pm

A lot of you have been keeping up with my progress on my 28 AA platform (pictured under DONE ) in this section. The other day several isssues made me think of selling it, so I put it up for sale at $21,000. I have recieved 3 serious buyers, the most serious wanted it for $19,000, I wouldn't move. He said how can you sell that truck it's beautiful the color is perfect etc, he just don't have the extra $2,000.
NOW it has me thinking, how do you get in these situations I thought it would be easy. My garage is full, my 28 CC pick-up is in my neighbors garage, FINE (lowtide) Charlie NOTE one ad is in Ahooga and both national clubs :(


Re: Should I sell

Post by spdway1 » October 13th, 2011, 3:48 pm

I am interested in the 29 p/u, are you selling that? Thanks, Don Jr

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Re: Should I sell

Post by vtwinsideways » October 13th, 2011, 9:21 pm

If you love it, don't sell it. If you love building/restoring, sell it. I've been down both roads. I've been through 7 motorcycles and I have kept one that I love, the rest were just projects. They were fun, but I didn't get attached to them. I have had many offers to buy my rusty little single A P/U, one was obscene- I had $3500 in it at the time and the guy offered $10,000 and when I refused he offered me a blank check. He walked off cussing me because I would not sell it. Maybe I'm stupid, but it's my first "old" truck and I just won't let it go. It's beat up and most of the mistakes are mine, but it's still the one. I'm quite sure that the AA my father and I are working on will be the same for him, but I know we will build others later that will go down the road. Don't feel bad moving on, there are others out there that need you, but don't feel bad holding on either, it can take a lifetime to get something back. My F.I.L.'s father sold a '40 Ford P/U when the F.I.L. was 15, it took him 50 years to get his dad's truck back and it was not in the same shape anymore.
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