AA trucks on film 1930 London England

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AA trucks on film 1930 London England

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Pathe filmed London Traffic Scenes (1930) available on Youtube. At:02 is the rear of an 1930AA, but the interesting stuff starts at 0:35. A 1929 AA with whitewalls is followed by a fleet of Wilson Bros. vans. First another 1929 followed by an early 1930 followed by a Chevrolet hiding another Wilson Bros. followed by another early 1930 Wilson Bros. Note the fender lamps, an English requirement. At 1:00 is another 1929 AA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAGBfm9uBso
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Re: AA trucks on film 1930 London England

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looks like black fries bridge they replaced a few years ago,notice the guy scooping up horse poop?
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