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1 horse A model pick-up ?

Posted: February 24th, 2017, 5:44 pm
Back in the 50s Dad had a '29 'A' model pick-up. I remember it somewhat. Don't know what happened to the cab,tranny or engine. Just a stripped down frame with wheels and tires. Me and my 2 brothers would push it around, but we wanted to ride. one day we decided to get Dads plow mare harnessed up and pull us around. (She would pull a plow clear up to the beam) Any way we harnessed her up brought her over in front of the frame, hooked the single tree to a chain and front axle. My older got a hold of the rain and tried to get her to pull the frame :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :?: She, the mare would not even get the slack out of the trace chains, She just started bucking shaking her head as to say 'NO BOYS' she would not take a step to pull a vehicle :lol: :lol: :lol: . we took the harness off and that was the end of our free ride. Shelby, Sacramento

Re: 1 horse A model pick-up ?

Posted: March 16th, 2017, 8:40 pm
by Stakebed
I know no one commented but i always love hearing stories like this - I've read it several times. if you've got more please share.

Re: 1 horse A model pick-up ?

Posted: March 17th, 2017, 9:47 pm
I'd like some responses on these post. I would like to see someone else have a good one to tell us about. I know I'm not the only that has these thing going on around them. I have some more to tell but would like to hear other AA' er or A model 's stories. or what ever :) :) Shelby, Sacramento

Re: 1 horse A model pick-up ?

Posted: March 20th, 2017, 5:24 pm
by AAholic
I enjoyed reading your story, thanks for sharing it. attached is a letter written back in the day, take it for what it is worth


Old whoopee car the car of fame 
The car that carried a very fare name was born in Detroit in the year 23 under Ford’s supervision as you will see.
She was built in his factory mid stress and toil as she was fed on gas and bathed in oil Glassed in cabin and leather on top
Rubber feel mat & curtains to drop brand new tires headlights bright pretty black paint of what a sight to see her step as she sped away to a foreign city just for display.

She arrived in E??? not far away spied by an oilman old and grey who bought her up & made her a pet drove her home & let her set till the neighbors said isn’t she a beaut wasn’t the old man driving her too cute Behind the wheel with his ruddy face to all of us he will set the pace.

So the old man drove her round and round  to show the neighbors he had found a car in safety he could ride and drive around with such great pride.

Well time went on till winter came and the old man’s rheumatiz made him lame but he hobbled forth one awfully cold day down to the garage where Whoopee would stay to take his car out for a trip to town but car wouldn’t start so it caused a frown on the old mans face as he scratched his head took hold of the crank and fell over dead.

Thus runs the story of Whoopee & the old man as she at once took the name of an “Old Time Car” she was sold for ????dollars & put on the street hoping some other friend she would meet when I happened along & saw her there knew she had been given very great care paused just a second to look her over  just to see what I could discover I looked at her ????? her wheels & her seat looked for a place where I could put my feet when a stranger came up tall, thin & ???? “looking for a car sir”  here’s one with a crank a starter & battery & electric lights too a daudy little car I’d like to trade to you”  How much for the car I quickly replied stepped behind her and then I spied something I had not seen before a rear ??sing whole it bore “a hundred & a half he smilingly said she’s worth every bit of it” as he hung his head and there a minute then looked at me “she’s bent not a bit never on a spree Drove very carefully and with great care owned by an old man living out there but he’s dead & the cars for sale to settle his estate “ so ended his tale.

Too much for the car and then I sort a whispered I”ll give you a hundred and a quarter and not particular whether or not I buy the car because there’s a lot of fixing & trimming & cleaning &toil paint and gas and lots of oil to put her ??? she will do as much as 3 blocks in a day ?? two The deal was made I drove her off listened to her gears & then her cough she spit & coughed & barked & sneezed  the fan was stuck & the brake bands squeezed the front wheels waffled & the cabin squeaked run out of gas while the radiator leaked step in the street run her in the clear took out the key & shot her in gear and ?? her started as I looked around for the closest old car pound then i was beat but the more she set came to the conclusion that I could get lots of miles out of her as the USA had garage and pavement any old way and if I broke down I could quickly call any old place for a speedy haul. Time went on just as it should till I drove into old Homewood with bag& baggage 
Whoopee and all to pay a vist to C & E Ball .

Well in the spring oh what luck Whoopee was changed in to a truck painted brown with wheels so yellow purred and run like a jolly old fellow but the little old truck was mighty gritty as i drove her forth to old souix city with nary a break a flat or repair passed many a car big and fair.

Then we headed south where the wild wind blows where people are ignorant & the sun flower grows where razors are scarce & clippers are few where any old car to them is new and a stranger with no hair on his face to them is certainly out of place Well after we lit all safe without harm Old whoopee and I bought us a farm Then we moved out there to till the soil hunt for gold and look for oil raise a few chicks hens & duck and in the meantime try our luck on trading & swapping & see if we could get along easy just like we should.

Things went well without any bragging until we saw we needed a wagon well old Whoopee saw in a minute or two her days on the farm were mighty few for she looked at me with a silly grin and said you’re fixing to trade me in for some old wagon that
can’t haul hay and was made in the days of the one horse slay but never you mind if this trick you turn your best friend you will loose & then soon learn I’m worth my keep any old place and to your old farm i am no disgrace but do as you please it is the least of my cares if you haul your old wagon with your pet mares but someday on the road I’ll meet you all and I’ll shy around if bad luck should befall& laugh & snort & run like hares just to leave you behind you and your mares to share your fate whatever it may be for the dirty trick you did to me.

So old Whoopee left with a very sad heart  and to tell the truth I hated to part with my old friend. But money was scarce & wagons few so that is the story of old Whoopee so true.