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Post by pops » January 17th, 2004, 2:52 pm

I came up with a rather unorthodox method of installing 28/29 Model A hubcaps on AA wire wheels. The "A" caps are wide enough to just cover the hole but I was unable to get the tabs to hold. I attempted to create ring inserts and other mechanical means of attaching the caps but with no success. While insulating my basement in -14deg F weather I realized that "Great Stuff" sticks to absolutely anything. So I put the hubcap on the ground face down centered the wheel over it and filled the cap and the inner lip of the rim with foam. I left it face down for the night (the foam will settle the wrong way if you flip the assembly) and in the morning used a drill bit to clean away any excess on the inside where the wheel hubs will go. It seems to be very strong and with the caps as cheap as $7.50 each I can go through a lot of them before I get to the cost of one original.

Any other experience?


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